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Santa Elena Farm Sierra Nevada

Santa Elena  Farm Sierra Nevada

Santa Elena farm, Sierra Nevada.
On green drenched mountains of white clouds, colorful sunsets and a homely atmosphere is located Santa Elena eco tourist farm, a family farm, owned by a peasant family that has decided to offer domestic and foreign visitors a new alternative for nature tourism to present the natural and cultural wealth which has this place.
Finca Santa Elena is located in Cerro Kennedy, Minca, in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, this mountain is located at the north of Colombia, the nearest city is Santa Marta. at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level, with a temperature of 8 ° – 18 °, 36 kilometers from Santa Marta city,which 33 kilometers are on the road and 3 kilometers along a trail or path.
The strategic location of Finca Santa Elena, allows us to offer this place as a destination for nature, unique in the world for its natural diversity, breathtaking view of the mountains, the snowy peaks Bolivar and Colon, the largest swamp in Colombia, la cienaga grande de Santa Marta, the Caribbean sea, its magical and colorful sunrises and sunsets, make it unique and cozy. The cloud forest that surrounds it, is home of hundreds of endemic, common and migratory birds.
Santa Elena ecotouristic farm has an infrastructure composed of a country house which is equipped with a kitchen and dining area which provides food, three multiple rooms with a maximum capacity of 14 guests, two shared bathrooms, solar energy and a wide green area.
Why visit the Santa Elena farm?
Because you will have the opportunity to share and be cared by their owners, Alejandro and Ana, a couple of Colombian peasants which have lived more than 50 years in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, they will take you to unique experiences, they will attend in the most friendly way, also will narrate their stories and share their experiences, feeling as home.
When you visit the Finca Santa Elena you are contributing to the economic development of the local community to improve their quality of life, besides that these families are contributing to environmental protection by reducing activities affecting the ecosystem.
  • Watching the snow-capped peaks Bolivar and Colon.
  • Belvedere overlooking the Cienaga de Santa Marta and the Caribbean Sea.
  • Watching the sunrises and sunsets over the mountains and the Caribbean Sea.
  • Bird watching.
  • Tours of nature photography
  • Ecologic walks.
  • Directed cavalcades.
  • Walk to the sacred Waterfall Panku.
  • Hiking (Trekking) to ecotouristic Cerro Kennedy.
  • Field Activities in Cattle Farm.
The House of Finca Santa Elena
Distribution: It has a maximum capacity 14 people. With three multiple rooms, each with bunk beds and single beds and a double bed distributed as follows:
  • Bedroom (A): 3 CABINS = 6 PEOPLE
  • Bedroom (B): 2 SINGLE BEDS + A DOUBLE BED = 4 PEOPLE
  • Bedroom (C) 1 cabin + 1 DOUBLE BED = 4 PEOPLE
Bathrooms: The farm Santa Elena has 2 shared bathrooms.
A kitchen and dining room that provides food.
Our clients are served directly by the owners, who provide an environment in Colombian family, which will make you feel at home, also they tell them stories every detail of this important region of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and foremost offering excellent service for customer satisfaction.
Within the menu we offer we will find typical Colombian food, giving merit to the main food of our territory.

  • Hikers, adventurers, students of all genders and ages.
  • Lovers of nature.
  • People who want to be in an isolated from the bustle and pollution of the big cities.
  • People who really appreciate the customs of a region.
  • People who want to live and share experiences with the locals (Peasants and Indigenous).
  • Researchers branch of biology.
  • Nature photographers.
  • Birdwatchers
  • The house is small and has a large lounge area nor with hammocks.
  • In case of large groups please inform in advance, and avoid crossing with other groups.
  • All rates are for shared accommodation.
  • In the case of couples room with double bed is assigned.
  • Given the geographical location of the farm, it is clear that you will not find restaurants, bars, shops, etc.
  • If you are in the Finca Santa Elena and you want to make walks to Cerro Kennedy and La Cascada sacred “PAMKU” You must pay the local tour guide service.
Important to know that:
  • Finca Santa Elena is not a boutique hotel.
  • Finca Santa Elena is not a 3, 4, or 5 stars.
  • If you are interested in visiting, please request any information it deems necessary. Getting to the Finca Santa Elena
 First option:
One option is to take one of our all-inclusive plans Hiking Cerro Kennedy 2 days or Hahiking Cerro Kennedy for 3 days, our company organizes all the logistics starting from your hotel and returning to the second or third day after the tour.
 Second option:
Should be moved to the Carrera 11 with Calle 12 in the city of Santa Marta, take a bus to take you to Minca, in the main square as an option is recommended to take as transport a motorcycle taxi then take them to the farm Maria , also known as folk mind the edge of Los Burros, in the village of La Tagua, there a walk for 3 kilometers starts to Finca Santa Elena.
 Third option:
If you have your own transport; example: a jeep type vehicle 4 × 4, recommend the following route: Santa Marta – Minca – Campano – La Tagua and once contacted with our company we give all the to get to Santa Elena farm, our team Working is responsible for organizing the logistics.

Finca Santa Elena:

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